10 Hilarious Comic Strips That Perfectly Describe The Life Of Parents


Liesbeth Ton is a freelancer illustrator whose work frequents the pages of The Huffington Post. She’s currently living in Los Angeles, though she’s native to the Netherlands. Recently, Ton has begun a new comic series, and her drawings have been gathering quite a bit of attention on her Instagram page.

She’s trying to capture all the difficulties, charms, and rewards of being a parent, and she’s been killing it. She jokes about the struggles of parenting, but makes a point of saying that’s a wonderful experience and that she adores her children. What do her kids think about her comics?

Well, they read them with avid attention, but Ton doesn’t think that they really understand the humor in the pages — understandable since the humor is about things that they think are just everyday occurrences!

Let’s take a closer look at just a few of Ton’s new comics, and if these end up being not enough for you, she posts more on both her Instagram page and her personal website.

1. Really, what would happen if you were five minutes late just once? Or, you know, every day.


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