10 Things You’ll Learn In Your First Year As A Dad. #10 Is EPIC.

To all the dads out there… Enjoy. (While you can).

Our daughter turned 1 last week. Hurrah! We have managed to keep our baby girl alive for 365 days. This is a big win for us, considering that we’ve barely been able to take care of our cats properly and every plant we’ve owned lasted barely a week before we had to empty the pot.

It’s been nothing short of a miracle that we’ve manage to not completely fail at parenting and in celebration of our daughter’s birthday, permit me to share some things I have learned after becoming a dad.

1. The all-important dramatic sigh


I never knew this about myself, but apparently I could sigh… loudly, and with my whole body. It happens whenever I’m under extreme stress.

More demanding days feel like giving birth. Well, I wouldn’t know, but I’d imagine that’s what giving birth feels like.

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