This 10-Year Old’s Letter To His Girlfriend Is Going To Make You Dizzy In A Good Way

That’s some skill!

A ten year old boy is showing up all other men in the relationship field. Nicole Rodriquez has told others how her daughter Sherri has been “dating” ten year old Cole for a little over a year now.

They got together in the fourth grade, you know, at the homecoming dance, and they’ve been close friends ever since. Don’t worry, they aren’t out joyriding like other kids their age.


They are both dedicated to sports and school, but hang out when they can. Well, recently Sherri tore her ACL, and her boyfriend Cole knew that he needed to do something. He wrote her a letter and told his mom that he wanted to get her something to make her feel better.

So Cole delivered his letter with a cookie cake, and the internet has been losing its mind ever since.

Cole’s note was ridiculously sweet.

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