11 Creative Ways To Discipline Your Child Without Losing Your Mind

Because parenting demands skills.

Disciplining is a really integral part of being a parent. Much as we like to imagine our children as perfect angel who always, always do exactly what they’re supposed to be doing, the truth is that our kids probably misbehave at least once a year. Right?

Maybe a little bit more than that… The trouble is that if you’re constantly disciplining your kids in the same way, they’ll turn into indifferent little jerks.

So, you’ve gotta mix it up every once in a while. Well, here’s some ideas on how to do just that — discipline your kids effectively while retaining your own sanity.

1. Talk Quietly


This is a genius move that many parents use. You’ll force your kids to shut up so they can here you. Plus, if you can get the inflection right, quiet talking can be pretty dang scary.

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