11 Pro Parenting Tips That You NEED Right Now, And I’m Not Kidding!

Because parenting can be quite exhaustive!

Are you new to parenting? Fear not, we have a couple dozen tips for you that will help you survive the onslaught of your children, daily chores and frequent exhaustion that all parents experience. Here are 11 tips that will make parenting easier for you:

1. As soon as you buy some sweets, your kids will be all over them like a bunch of hyenas. The best way to avoid this is to hide the candy in the laundry room, or some other place your kids won’t think to look.


2. Mac and cheese is the answer to anything and everything. The sooner you come to terms with that, the sooner you’ll be able to sleep better.


3. Bath time is not a daily activity. You don’t have to give your kids a bath seven days a week. Wiping them down from time to time will suffice, and you’ll hate yourself less.


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