17 Epic Things Parents *Really* Do On ‘Special’ Date Nights. #17 Is My Story.

C’mon. Who’re you kidding?!

Who doesn’t love a date? Alright, maybe first dates are a little awkward, but everything after that is pretty great, right? Well, dates become a whole lot more precious once you get kids involved.

Pre-kids, life is basically one big party for you and your partner. You get to spend as much time together as you want, and during that time you can do anything you want to do. After kids, though, dates are hard to come by, and deciding what to do on them is a huge challenge.

Here’s a list of different options you and your partner can choose, to simplify the “what do we do now that the kids are with a sitter” process.

1. Go to dinner, but really just sit there and talk about your kids. This is a classic.

2. Get drunk in shifts, that way both of you aren’t intoxicated if a kid-emergency goes down.

3. Talk about having sex in the van like when you were younger, but after realizing how much kid gunk is in your car, just go have sex in your bed like boring regular adults.

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