20 Funny Photos That Prove Kids Can Fall Asleep Literally Anywhere!

Who needs beds?

There’s a very good reason why you don’t give your kids too much sugar. As soon as they eat too much candy they turn into Speedy Gonzales, only without the “Ariba, ariba,” part. In a couple of minutes they can make a mess that will take you hours to clean.

After an hour of restless roaming there comes the inevitable sugar crash. As soon as it hits, they’re out. Not even a nuclear bomb can wake them. But the thing is, they don’t fall asleep in their beds like good little kids, they crash in the weirdest of places.

Here are 20 of the funniest photos snapped by the parents of kids who don’t care where (and how) they fall asleep:

1. That genuinely looks like a comfortable position to fall asleep in.



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