5 Epic Strategies To Help You Deal With Mean Teenager. #5 Works All The Time.

Dang teens.

Teenagers. Did you feel a chill drift down your spine? Me, too. Don’t worry, you aren’t alone. Teenagers frighten just about everyone. But no one gets teenagers like… Their parents.

For every time that you’ve been annoyed by rambunctious kids in a mall, or scared for your life on the road next to teen drivers, parents have had to deal with your trauma ten times over.

And sometimes, as a parent, it’s really hard to know what you’re supposed to do when your kid is being a straight up A-hole. Well, for all those “what now?” moments, here’s a few times.

Stoop to 1. Their Level


Alright, this might not be the most mature strategy in the world, but it does work. Sometimes you’ve got to give your teenager a taste of their own medicine to get them to shut up for long enough to hear some real thoughts.

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