5 Important Lessons Parenting Will Teach You. #5 Is On The Spot.

So so true.

I never planned on being a mother. I never had dreams of one day holding a baby in my arms, in fact I seriously doubted my abilities to take care of a pet, let alone a human being.

A whole array of emotions overwhelmed me when I found out I was pregnant. I was 28 years old and I felt uncertain, afraid, hopeful and ambivalent. I was about to be a mother, and everyone around me supported me to the maximum while I questioned whether or not I was fit for the job.

Giving birth to my wonderful son was the greatest thing that’s happened to me. Raising him has taught me so much – lessons about life that I could never have foreseen. Here are five things I’ve learned while being a parent:

1. I am more capable than I first believed


I’ve been through infidelity, the subsequent collapses of my marriage and my business, illness, three miscarriages and mental health issues. I’ve been through everything and I’ve done it all.

I’ve made it through alive, and I’ve done my best to raise my son. I’m willing to chalk it up to maternal instincts and the overwhelming love for my son, but I could never have imagined going through all that and coming out alive.

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