5 Random Things Kids Do That Completely Melt Our Hearts!

100% true!

Here’s a scenario for you: You sit down on the world’s most amazing couch. You’re sinking into its warm embrace when suddenly screaming comes from the other room. Your children are at it again.

You leave behind that couch to deal with the most recent child meltdown. Kids can absolutely be a pain.

But every once in awhile they can surprise the world with a sweet act that reminds everyone that they’re worth every ounce of work that goes into them. Here are some of those moments.

1. Sharing


It’s rare. It’s really, REALLY rare, but when your kids finally do share with each other, it’s a really cute sight, and it lets you know that even though you sometimes need to lock yourself in the bathroom and scream for a while, you are certainly raising those kids right.

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