5 Things I Am Going To Do Before Having A Second Child. Yes, You NEED This.

Yup. Every one of them.

I’m going to be honest with you, I’m 4 months pregnant, but I’m incredibly nervous about having a second child. My son, who is now a 7-year-old and fairly grown up, has taught me a lot of things about being a mother.

He’s also made me quite nervous about having another kid. Don’t get me wrong, the three of us are super excited to welcome our new baby daughter into the world, but that doesn’t make the transition any less difficult.

That day will come, however, when that bundle of joy becomes a part of our family, but before then, there are some things I wish to do first.

1. Plan family time and one-on-ones


We’ve always been big on family time, it’s something that’s been amazing for us, but things will change after the arrival of our daughter.

We are planning to add some alone time and one-on-ones with both me and my husband, but ultimately we want our son to understand that even with the arrival of his sister, he can come to us for anything.

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