5 Things You Should Never Tell A Grieving Parent. #5 Is Just Too Obvious

From one parent to another.

My husband and I had been trying to have kids for years, when in 2013 we found out I was pregnant with triplets. Our shock was indescribable, suddenly, after having dealt with infertility for so long, we found ourselves on the opposite end of the spectrum, expecting not one, but three babies.

Some of our acquaintances responded to these news with comments such as “Three kids?! That’s quite a lot to deal with. I’m glad it’s not me”. Regardless, my husband and I couldn’t be happier. And I quickly learned to deal with the rude comments.

I gave birth to my triplets on June 23 2013, at 22 weeks, more than 4 months premature. Abigail, our newborn daughter, passed that very same day and Parker, my son, died 2 months later. I didn’t know much about child loss back then, but I dealt with it as best I could.

But, still to this very day, I wouldn’t know how to respond to someone who has lost a child. People mean well when they say comments like the following, but, for a parent who has just lost their child, they are better left unsaid.

Either way, in my opinion and judging from my experience, here are five things people should avoid saying to someone who has experienced child loss:

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