5 Things Parents *Really* Do When Their Children Are Fast Asleep. Yes, You Too.

Don’t tell me otherwise.

If you’re a parent, and especially if you’re a stay at home parent, there is one time that is more precious to you than anything else in the world. That is, of course, nap time.

When the kids are asleep and quiet descends on the house like a welcome rain, it seems like anything is possible. Of course, if anything is possible, you’re going to want to do EVERYTHING, and that just isn’t very practical.

You’ve got to budget that time! Here are some ideas for great things you can do while the kids nap…

1. Sit (Or Just Slide…)

People really don’t value sitting just as much as they should. Right now you might even be laughing at the suggestion that you’d sit while your kids sleep, but picture this: You’re on the couch, with no crazy noise, and no one climbing all over you. Just, peace.

Betcha wanna sit now, huh?

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