6 Harsh Realities Of Life I Want My Kids To Understand. Trust Me, You’ll Relate.

Life isn’t just a bed of roses.

Every parent wants to protect their child. It’s a natural instinct, an impulse, a reaction which we have no control over. Maybe it’s just psychological and it stems from our own desire to be shielded from harm by a parental figure.

Whatever the case is, our compulsion to protect our children even after they become full grown adults is unshakable. But we can’t always protect them. We can’t always be there for them.

It’s technically impossible and it’s something we’re internally aware of. So maybe the solution would not shield them from the harsh realities but rather embrace them and teach them how to deal with them.

Here are 6 things I would like my kids to learn before they grow up:

1. There are both good and bad people in the world


Kids are so innocent. They naively believe that evil people only exist in stories. But there are some truly evil people in the world and they need to know that.

They also need to know that for every evil person there are two or three genuinely kind and generous people, and their main goal in life is to be one of those people.

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