7 Ways Your Kids Successfully Manipulate You To Get Their Way… #7 Is Epic.

Because we can be a little too soft.

I consider myself a tough parent, but I do have a soft spot for certain things and my kids have learned to take advantage of that. There are things my kids do, consciously, that I just can’t resist. It’s like they press a button, and voila, I turn into a wish-granting genie. Here are 7 situations where I suddenly forget how to parent:

1. Bedtime


Whenever they want to stay up just a little bit longer than usual, all they have to do is switch the channel to HGTV and I’m instantly hypnotized.

They look at each other and chuckle as I stare at the screen, watching the transformation of a ruined dwelling into a minimalistic masterpiece.

They snuggle up next to me, one of them starts playing with my hair, and for the next hour – hour and a half, we’re all happy.

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