7 Ways I Unwillingly Lowered My Parenting Morals When I Was Pregnant

Because I’m no superhero.

Parenting is hard work. Kids are demanding, and as lovable as they are, we all need a break from our kids every once in a while. There’s no shame in that. What makes parenting extra, EXTRA hard is doing it while being pregnant.

As if growing a small person inside your body wasn’t enough work already, now you’ve got to do it while taking care of a slightly-larger-but-still-pretty-small person? Life can be cruel sometimes.

In that situation, you can’t be blamed for taking some liberties with your parenting style here and there. Here are some small variations to your usual parenting schedule that you shouldn’t be ashamed of:

1. Letting your kid eat in bed


And you know what? When you find the crumbs dispersed across his or her sheets in the morning, just push them off onto the floor. The dog will take care of them at some point.

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