9 Dads Decided To Stack Cheerios On Their Babies. The Result? Hilarious!

Because… fatherhood.

Father’s Day may have passed, but the pictures don’t go away that easily. This year’s ultimate dad challenge was seeing who can stack the most cheerios on their newborn babies. Yes, dads around the world actually took part in the challenge, because only dads will find something so stupid, so interesting.

Anyway, the Cheerio Challenge was started by a blogger on “Life of Dad” when he posted a photo of a baby with 5 cheerios stacked on his nose on the blog’s official Facebook page. “Can you top 5? Prove it when you do,” read the caption, and dads worldwide accepted the challenge.

Within days, more than 10,000 comments and hundreds of baby pictures with cheerios flooded the comment section under the photo.

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