Has Your Child Outgrown Her Crib? Here Are 9 Ways You Can Use It Instead Of Tossing It Away!

This is brilliant!

There are thousands of ways to repurpose old and no longer used items and that includes furniture as well. And if there’s one piece of furniture that you (or should we say, your toddler) will outgrow, it’s definitely the baby crib.

While there are quite a lot of stuff that your toddler will eventually outgrow, one thing we recommend you keep is his baby crib. Unless you plan on donating it or giving it to a friend, do not toss it in the bin. There are quite a lot of fun ways you can use the parts from the crib to build some fantastic furniture.

From shelves, to desks, to chalk boards, to porch benches; the possibilities are endless. But don’t worry, we’re not going to leave you high and dry. We have some fun examples for you that will hopefully inspire you to utilize your child’s old crib and turn it into something completely different.

1. Tidy up your garage by hanging your tools on what would be a shelf built out of the side bars. It’s fantastic and it fits perfectly into any work environment.


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