As A Parent Here Are The 5 Things You Really Really Need.

Trust me on this one.

When I got pregnant with my first child, I started reading every parenting blog, bought every parenting magazine and book, and talked to a lot of parents. I was determined to be over prepared.

By the time I was in my third trimester the list of things that I thought I needed was probably longer than I want to admit.

The list grew ever even larger after my child turned 1, from fancy baby strollers, to weird baby activity contraptions that were never used.

I bought baby books that promised a quick solution to my every problem, lots of them. Expensive bottles, changing tables, weird toys – It turns out I needed none of them. Almost everything I bought in preparation for motherhood I found to be absolutely useless.

The advice, the research studies, the internet stories, the ridiculously expensive baby products, we’re all absolutely useless. Parents don’t need any of that. Here’s what they really need:

1. Patience and compassion, and someone to hold the door open for us


When I’m digging through a diaper bag the size of Texas with one hand, and holding a sobbing toddler in the other, all while having a baby strapped to my chest, I don’t really need advice. I just need someone to hold the door open for me.

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