Potty Training Your Precious Little Child? Here Are 5 Ugly Facts No One Told You.

Yep. It’s a poop story.

One of the worst parts of having an infant around the house is the amount that you’ll spend on diapers. Because of that, you’d think that potty training time would be an absolute joy, but that’s mostly because no one talks about what potty training is really like.

Why don’t they talk about it? Because it’s HORRIBLE and everyone is too scared to utter a word about the process they went through with their child.

Before you scoff, and say that potty training will be a breeze with your brilliant Einstein of a baby boy. But trust me, there are some things you need to know about potty training.

1. It isn’t as easy as you think it is.

Turns out, kids like to do things the easy way. And using the bathroom like a reasonable human person isn’t actually natural or easy.

So they’re going to resist every bit of training that you throw their way. Sometimes you might want to tie your kid to the toilet, but instead you’ll try to bribe them. Which leads us to…

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