Where Are The Real Housewives’ Kids These Days? Check This Out!

Dang! That is SOME transformation.

When Orange County’s Real Housewives first premiered on TV more than 10 years ago it was a real game changer for reality television.

Fast forward ten years and now we have 10 more franchise spinoffs in 10 different cities.

That’s a lot of housewives. Ten years is a very long time and while the wives have moved on and certainly changed, their kids have seen changes even greater than their moms. But where are they now?

1. Avery Singer


The daughter of Ramona Singer, star of New York City’s version of The Real Housewives, made her first appearance on the show when it premiered in 2008.

The outspoken teen that was reluctant to give her mom the fashion advice she so desperately needed is now 21 years old and in her senior year at the University of Virginia.

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