A Shoutout To All Dads – Here Are 5 Hottest Things Only YOU Can Do!

Thank you for being YOU!

You’d be surprised by how much our ideas of sexiness dramatically change once we get married and have children.

It’s one of the most significant ways our relationships change.

All of a sudden, your husband doing regular dad things can seem so attractive.

Here are 5 things your husband might do that become hot once you get married.

1. Rock a baby carrier


Who would’ve thought?!

It turns out that rocking a baby cradle can be one of the hottest things a dad can do. Radiating confidence while carrying a baby on your chest means that you’re a dad and you’re proud of it, and there’s nothing hotter than that.

2. Load the dishwasher


This one is not borne out of the fact that there’s anything particularly pleasing from watching someone do mundane tasks, but rather your partner trying to make things just a little bit easier for you. Coming home from a hard day’s work and finding your husband bent over the sink trying to scrub away the last part of lasagna out of the pan might just be the spiciness you’re looking for.

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