They’re Here To Photograph 13 Babies, But What They Capture Is Priceless!

They’re here to make you smile!

Newborn babies always take families to new dimensions. They teach their parents to expand their horizons of love and care. And they don’t even have to try hard to do so. Newborns bring happiness just by existing. The occasional laughter is the added bonus.

They, of course, bring misery as well, because the overwhelming number of new responsibilities that go with having a kid can take a toll on even the most resilient parents. The latter has never been a reason to neglect the former.

Our photographer, Sandi Ford, is an expert at capturing newborn baby smiles in her London studio. But, capturing the perfect moment of a newborn that has a tendency to wiggle and move is a lot like trying to photograph a lightning – it’s rare, brief, and you have to know when it’s going to strike.

When unaware of their surroundings, these little bundles of joy tend to smile moments before expelling gas, but, looking at the photos, I’d say it’s probably worth the trouble.

1. This is one of those seductive half-smiles.

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