This Family Doodled On Their Pug’s Face. The Results? Too Cute To Handle!

Can this get any cuter?!

Doodles are great fun. They are an interesting way of expressing yourself and can sometimes result in incredibly fun art. And you can do it anywhere.

Bored at school? Doodle away. Bored at home? Just grab a pen and scribble away. It’s an underrated art form that provides a way for creative people that are too lazy to pick up a paintbrush to really shine.

For this couple, doodling is just something they do together. And they haven’t stopped at drawing on scrap paper and magazine pages. No, they’ve taken it one step further. They doodle over photos of their newly-adopted French pug, Monsieur Georges.

Here are 14 of the funniest doodles on Mr. Georges’ Instagram page:

1. Baby pug


People that don’t have children liken their pets to newborn babies. Too bad they don’t make decent puppy diapers.

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