Want To Renovate Your House? Here Are 16 Simple Tips For Parents With Children!

Because we can.

So, you’ve decided to do this, huh? You’re going to do some home renovations? By yourself?

Well, there are definitely some excellent tips that can be passed down on to you brave parents, you, but first, you need to ask an incredibly important question: Are you SURE about this?

Alright, then. Here are some tips for doing your very own home renovations…

1. Make realistic goals.

You aren’t going to be able to pull off crazy HGTV stuff. Take is slow and keep your goals both simple and well defined.

2. Remember the plans…

Really, creating a plan and sticking with it will help you tremendously. Don’t just wing it, no matter how simple the project may be.

3. Get rid of those kids.

Call Grandma, hire a babysitter, leave them in a field somewhere. Do anything. Just get rid of them. Kids make it impossible to work.

4. Pick up some booze from the store.

Trust me, every project requires booze.

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