If You’re A Lazy Parent, Here Are 5 Awesome Ways To The Great Outdoors!

Thank goodness for this!

We’re constantly being told that spending outdoors can do wonders for our personal health and for the health of our families. We know that stepping away from the screens and spending some time staring at the sky or touching a stick would do us some good, but let’s be honest: Getting away from it all is hard.

Not only logistically, but also motivationally. After spending forty hours a week making $7.25 an hour, who has the energy to get their family into the great outdoors. Well, it doesn’t have to be as hard as all that.

Here’s some baby steps for lazy and/or tired parents who still want their families to experience the benefits of spending some quality time out in the, you know, air and grass and stuff.

1. Keep it small.


If you’re already tired from all the work you do, of course it sounds ridiculous to go on a grand camping trip to “The Great Outdoors”. As a society, we have really high expectations for our lives, but reality just can’t always live up to that.

You don’t have to do something crazy to get your family outside. Just GO OUTSIDE. Sit in the backyard. Play in the dirt with your kids. Trust me, they’ll love it just as much as any giant week-long camping expedition. And you’ll love yourself for putting those smiles on their faces.

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